Scallop Whitelist

Scallop chain is one of a kind which implements KYC on chain i.e., for a 0x address to interact with the chain or send out transactions on the Scallop chain, the user needs to explicitly whitelist or KYC the address from their respective scallop wallet.

Users first need to download the Scallop wallet extension and then create their user accounts which are then KYC verified.

Once the user wallet is KYC approved, users can go to and login using their scallop wallet credentials.

Since Scallop uses additional layers of authentication to make our applications and more secure and robust, an OTP based email verification will be required to login to whitelist account of the user.

Users can then click on connect wallet, this will allow users to select an address they want to whitelist from their Metamask wallet.

Then users can select the address from Metamask they want to whitelist and the address will be automatically picked by the whitelist application.

Once users click submit the address will be whitelisted followed by a confirmation alert.

Voila, you can now use this address to play around in the Scallop chain ecosystem.

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