Developing and Deploying Contracts​

Being an Ethereum-compatible blockchain, all of the usual Ethereum developer tools and environments can be used to develop and deploy dApps for Scallop Chain.

An example of developing SRC20 contracts on Scallop Testnet can be found here.


There is a tutorial for using Remix to deploy smart contracts on Scallop. It relies on MetaMask for access to the Scallop network.

Open Remix IDE in your browser

Select Metamask in Deployment environment options.

Connect the address you want to deploy the smart contract from to the Remix IDE.

Once compiled, deploy and run your transactions by providing suitable constructor values in the Deploy parameters.

Once deployed, use the call and state change functions to interact with the Scallop chain using the freshly deployed smart contract.


You can also use Truffle to test and deploy smart contracts on Scallop. Find out how in this tutorial.

In truffle config file, under networks tab, add scallop network configurations as below:


Hardhat is the newest development and testing environment for Solidity smart contracts, and the one our developers use the most. Due to its superb testing support, it is the recommended way of developing for Scallop.

For more information see here.

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