4. Setting up a Kucoin Account

SCLP is listed on Kucoin, which is a great exchange with good liquidity and a wide selection of tokens to trade.

KYC: You will need ID for this step

  1. Click ‘sign up now’ and enter your details and referral code if you have one.

You can choose any method that works for you, in this case for simplicity we are covering 'Fast Buy'

  • Choose USDT and enter how much you would like to purchase, then press ‘Buy USDT’

  • On the following screen, confirm the amount you would like to buy, agree to the terms and conditions and then click ‘Go Verify Identity’

  • Complete the KYC Verification

  • Once completed and paid the USDT will be in your main account, go to ‘assets’ in the top right dropdown and select ‘Main Account (Deposits & Withdrawals). You will see your USDT here.

  • Click ‘Transfer’ and move the USDT from your main account to your Trading account. This will allow you to trade it for SCLP. Confirm.

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