Getting started: Scallop Exchange

Your step-by-step guide to getting started on the exchange

Scallop exchange is a cutting edge new platform that adds to the Scallop ecosystem. Today we will cover how to open and account and start making trades...


Opening an account

  1. Click Sign Up on the top right

3. Enter your details

4. Verify you're a human

5. Once your email is verified, you will have completed your registration. Go to the top right

Your account has now been created, let's deposit some crypto next...

Depositing Crypto to your account

  1. Go to Balances > Spot Account

2. We will deposit some scallop for this example, but you can transfer any currency by choosing the relevant address..

3. Copy your address and send from the wallet or exchange of your choice

Make sure you choose the right chain when you make your transfers, different chains have different addresses, so be careful!

4. We will transfer some tokens that we earned by staking Scallop using Metamask.. for more on this click here..

5. Your tokens will have arrived on exchange within a few minutes..

Buying with a credit card

  1. If you'd like on on-ramp fiat currency by buying with a credit card, simply click on 'buy crypto'

Buying and Selling with Market Orders

A market order is an order that allows you to buy or sell a token at 'the best available price' - this means that you buy or sell immediately at the nearest prices.

Market orders may experience slippage - which happens when the amount of tokens available at the price you press buy or sell is less than the amount you want and you get the next best price.

  1. Go to Trade > Classic

Here is a breakdown of the window that you see...

Orderbook - This shows all orders that are in the market for the selected token. TOu can see prices and quantities

Chart Window - Here you can see a candlestick chart that shows the market movements over time

Markets - This is where you search for the different markets you would like to trade

Buy and Sell dialogue boxes - this is where you place buy and sell orders

Latest Trades - This is where you can look at all the trades taking place in your selected market

2. Select the market you want to trade in from the markets section, we will choose SCLP/USDT for this example

3. Go to the Buy and Sell Dialogue Box and choose 'Market' order

4. Choose the amount you would like to buy

You will recieve a confirmation for your buy, and the tokens will be available to trade further in your trading account!

You can see your purchases by scrolling down and looking at your trade history...


So far we have

  • Created an account

  • Deposited crypto / bought with a credit card

  • Bought / sold on the market

That is the most basic function of an exchange. Next we will cover how to place limit buy/sell orders and how to trade using futures contracts as well as how to withdraw!

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