7. Connecting Metamask to the SCLP Staking platform


  1. Click Connect wallet on the top right of your window

3. prompted in the Metamask window, accept - if you aren’t logged into Metamask then enter the password when prompted..

3. Now that you are logged in... simply select the amount you would like to stake and the duration, you can see the returns for each option as you go. Once done, press proceed. You may be asked to confirm the transactions in Metamask.

NOTE: BNB fees can spike when staking, somewhere in the realm of 0.4BNB. It should only be about 0.00003 BNB, to fix this, stake a round amount (125SCLP vs 125.172SCLP).

4. You are now staked! To claim your rewards, simply click on SCLPX Rewards and press claim...

That is the full guide on how to stake your SCLP. Next we will explore LP staking...

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