Launch Your Dapp on Scallop


The purpose of this document is to help you with launching your existing dApp on Scallop. It contains a series of resources designed to help you get the basics of Scallop Platform and how it works, show how to connect to the network, how to use your existing tools and environments in developing and deploying on Scallop, as well as some common pitfalls you need to consider when running your dApp on Scallop.

Platform Basics

Scallop is a first-in-class regulated Bank on the chain with Decentralised Finance capabilities intrinsic to the chain.

Scallop Chain is a blazingly fast Byzantine fault tolerance blockchain with a core KYC & AML module included in the consensus mechanism at the protocol level.

It is the world’s first licensed secured infrastructure providing a suite of banking products to empower millions of retail & business customers. Scallop Chain uses zk rollups and offers selective asset privacy features on the chain.

Accessing Scallop Chain

Through MetaMask

You can access the Scallop Chain through MetaMask, by defining a custom network. Go to MetaMask, login, click the network dropdown, and select 'Custom RPC'. Data for Scallop is as follows.

Scallop Testnet Settings:

  • Network Name: Scallop Testnet

  • RPC URL:

  • ChainID: 9000

  • Symbol: UTSCLP

  • Explorer:

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