6. Transferring from Kucoin to Metamask

We need to transfer the newly purchased coins into our metamask so that we can connect them to the Scallop staking page…

  • Transfer the SCLP back to your main account by pressing ‘transfer’ and choosing the direction ‘trading account’ to ‘Main account’

  • Once in the main account, you will see you newly transferred SCLP, press ‘withdraw’

If you can’t see the fox, select the small jigsaw and you will see Metamask in the dropdown. Open it and you will see ‘Account 1’ . Copy that address to clipboard.

  • In the withdraw window, paste your Metamask address into the wallet Address box. Press confirm and the tokens will be transferred to your Metamask within minutes.

You might have to wait a few minutes to see the tokens

  • Repeat the process for BNB, please note that there is a minimum withdrawal amount of 0.01BNB from kucoin, so you will need to purchase at least that amount. Once that is done you should see both SCLP and BNB in your Metamask Wallet. If you can’t see SCLP tokens, make sure you have added the custom token address.

  • Next we connect Metamask to the app.scallopx.com …

To transfer back to Kucoin from Metamask go to Accounts

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