What Does Fintech Mean? Understanding the Intersection of Finance and Technology

Fintech, a portmanteau for financial technology, is how we handle our financial transactions, whether making payments, managing investments, or accessing loans with the help of technology.

But fintech isn't just for the tech-savvy urban population. In fact, fintech has the potential to bring financial services to millions of people who have been traditionally excluded from the banking system. Take, for instance, the small grocery shop owner in a remote village in India or Nigeria. Until recently, they would only accept cash payments from their customers, which would then have to be physically deposited in a bank - a time-consuming and sometimes risky process.

However, with the advent of fintech, the situation has changed dramatically. Now, the shop owner can simply display a QR code at their shop, which customers can scan using their smartphones to make payments. This saves time and effort and reduces the risk of handling cash. And this is just one example of how fintech is empowering people who have been left out of the formal banking system.

According to World Bank data, over 1.4 million adults worldwide remain unbanked, meaning they cannot access basic financial services like savings accounts, credit, and insurance. Fintech seeks to bridge this gap by providing digital solutions that are accessible, affordable, and easy to use. For instance, mobile banking apps can allow people to access banking services from their smartphones without physically visiting a bank branch. And digital lending platforms can provide small loans to people who may not have access to traditional sources of credit.

The growing popularity is why some experts predict that the fintech market will grow to over $37 billion by 2026.

Understanding Fintech

The term "financial technology" encompasses any form of innovation in financial transactions, ranging from the invention of digital currency to double-entry bookkeeping. With the emergence of the internet, fintech has become one of the fastest-growing industries globally.

When fintech emerged in the early 2000s, the term was used to describe the technology employed at the backend systems of established financial institutions, such as banks. However, from 2018 onwards, fintech took a consumer-oriented approach and now encompasses various sectors and industries like education, retail banking, fundraising, nonprofit organizations, and investment management.

Apart from these sectors, the fintech industry has also carved a niche in developing and using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. While the media attention on this fintech segment has been massive, the real money still lies in traditional global banking, which has a multitrillion-dollar market capitalization.

Scallop: The best of crypto and fintech

Scallop merges the benefits of fintech and blockchain technologies. It is a blockchain-driven platform enabling users to access an everyday banking account directly connected to the Decentralized Finance (Defi) ecosystem.

By doing so, Scallop users can seamlessly use financial services such as staking, borrowing, lending, yield farming, and many more directly from their normal Scallop IBAN bank accounts. At the same time, the platform acts as a fully-fledged fiat banking account that comes with numerous rewards, making it an excellent avenue for crypto enthusiasts and traditional banking customers.

The phrase "half cryptocurrency, half fintech" describes Scallop's capability to bridge the distance between standard finance and the fast-evolving cryptocurrency industry. Scallop achieves this by leveraging the advantages of blockchain technology, like security, cost-efficiency, transparency, immutability, and more, to develop a robust platform for users' financial transactions. It also offers everyday banking features for ease of use, such as bill payments, debit cards, borrowing, lending, savings accounts, and more, making it straightforward for users to manage their fiat and crypto on a single platform.

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Thus Scallop Crypto is sitting at the cusp of the cryptocurrency and fintech ecosystems by providing a holistic and user-friendly platform that harnesses the best of blockchain technology and everyday banking. Its accessibility, simplicity, and versatility make it an excellent choice for any modern user seeking a reliable and efficient platform to manage their financial transactions.

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